Divorce New Jersey


John P. Cito, CDFA can help you plan and secure a divorce settlement in which EVERYONE WINS.

Divorce has many components, one of which is the financial side. When financial issues are combined with emotions, the results can be devastating. Asset and debt distribution affects every aspect of your life. Plan for your divorce the way you planned for your wedding.

What looks equal today in a settlement may not be fair five or ten years from now once factors such as inflation, increases in the cost of living, taxes etc. are considered. Will your divorce leave you broke?

John P. Cito, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

As a CDFA, I focus on the components of pre- and post-divorce financial planning. Divorce Planning is a specialized form of financial planning that can help you achieve a financially fair divorce settlement by analyzing the proposals of you and your spouse. I do not give legal advice. Using mathematics and certain assumptions, your assets that are to be divided as well as your lifestyle will be analyzed and evaluated.

We are here to help make your divorce process humane, civilized, and compassionate.

Remember, your marriage may be ending, but the rest of your life lies ahead.