Specializing in pre and post divorce planning

I will help you make informed decisions regarding your settlement proposal, such as:

  • Determining how feasible it is to keep the house and other assets;
  • Realizing the tax consequences of certain decisions;
  • Dealing with your retirement plans;
  • And maintaining a realistic perspective concerning financial goals

When you mix emotions with issues like keeping the house or cutting back on their lifestyles, I will help you accept the reality of your situations. With an objective, analytical approach, I will help you create a road map toward where you want to go.

I also stress the implementation of plans. I can help you with the post-planning, by monitoring the process and keeping in touch with you to make sure you adhere to the plan we discussed.

Once your divorce is finalized, I will help with your post-divorce planning. The post-divorce planning process is equally as important as the pre-planning. The post-planning includes designing a plan that:

  • You never run out of money;
  • Never lose any money;
  • Increase your monthly income (if you need to);
  • And significantly reduce your taxes.